Degree Designation: MD
Address: 800 B FIFTH AVENUE New York City ,New York 10065
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Phone: 2125851111
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  • Integrative Medicine
  • Nutrition
Services/Procedures Offered
  • Addictions
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Eating Disorders
  • Fitness
  • Healthy Home
  • Mental Health
  • Sleep Issues
  • Smoking
  • Weight Management
About Him / Her
NY Psychiatric Associates and Integrative Center for Wellness and Weight Management is Dr. Ahmad's private practice in New York City. The practice is dedicated to the treatment of the whole patient. VitalBalance is a unique, personalized program that has been developed by Dr. Ahmad and run at the Integrative Center for Wellness. The program is a safe and effective treatment to attain your optimal mind and body health.
As a physician Dr. Ahmad's philosophy and responsibility is to evaluate patients in a way that reflects the wisdom of Hippocrates and in his words states “ IT IS MORE IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHAT PERSON THE DISEASE HAS THAN WHAT DISEASE THE PERSON HAS”. He see's each individual presenting with a unique set of issues/problems that requires a very tailored, and focused approach. He makes every effort to guide his patients to understand the problems, the challenges, the nature of the treatment and the reasoning behind his recommendations. The key to optimal health and vitality is harmonizing both body and mind. His mission is to help you achieve that balance, lose or maintain weight, improve health, and attain ideal body composition. His practice is dedicated to treating individuals who are interested in balanced, healthy living; losing or managing weight; improving physical performance and endurance; and developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the long-term. He also specializes in treating obesity and related disorders. You will find examples of patients who have successfully achieved their health and wellness objectives on the website (

Most of us have tried numerous diets and plans, but simply fail in the long-term. The reason for failure relates to human behavior, which does not change with short-term plans or diet fads. Permanent improvements to health and wellness require a focused, customized and balanced approach to influence behavior. As a physician with a background in medicine and specialization in psychiatry, he can help patients achieve their goals in both physical and mental domains and have developed the Balance Body Mind and VitalBalance Healthy Solutions to that end.

The program is a safe and effective treatment to reach your optimal body composition and weight. Depending on your objectives, he will personally guide you through short-term solutions and/or long-term management.

The ultimate goal of treatment is the wellness paradigm rather then a simple generic solution. As a psychiatrist his expertise include Anxiety / Mood disorders, and ADHD besides other psychiatric/psychological issues. He also specializes in working with adults in the areas of Stress, Relationship issues, Addictions, Divorce, and Eating disorders. He also offers a blend of interpersonal, supportive and psychodynamic psychotherapy.

His approach will guide you through complex and controversial health myths and provide a program that offers balanced choices in medicine, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, exercise and behavior therapy.
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